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The Top Job in Real Estate

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Multiply Your Market Value & Income a Hundredfold / When was the last time you were invited into a $1/Million to $2/Million, or $4/Million to $6/Million dollar home or higher to give a listing presentation and told by the seller that they were only taking the time to see you because of your courteous contact and, following that, that they know the top agents in their area and are sure whom they are going to list with?

They then kindly inform you that they've already heard everything agents have to say about sales and marketing and that they're basically all the same, so unless you really have something special to offer they don't want to waste your time.

While all that was being said, listening intently, biding your time, holding your tongue, when was the last time you responded by saying:

   Thank you for telling me that, I'd like to start with this.

   It’s my intention to get you more money for your house than anyone believes possible in today's market and, possibly, more money than anyone has ever gotten before for a house like yours in this entire area or neighborhood; and it’s my intention to do it quickly: to list, sell and close in ninety-days irrespective of your experience to date or what you may personally think or feel about the market.

   To do that I will have to do some Extra-Ordinary-Things and few Ordinary-Things, but in an Extra-Ordinary-Way. The path to that is through The Pillars of Success (1) Strategic Planning (2) Intentioned Activity and (3) Records to Substantiate Effort and Progress.

   (1) Our Seller Services Portfolio is expressive of this. It’s a pictorial display of the principles that underscore our Twelve-Step Marketing Strategy, today's talking points, an outline of the traditional things we do and the game changers that turn slow-sale real estate, usually an expired listing, into fast-sale real estate.

   (2) The Strategies underscore the action-oriented tactics we define and execute to make things happen outlined within a personalized Fast-Sale Marketing Worksheet we create for your property alone. It’s on this worksheet that we keep records of activity to substantiate effort and progress that we report to you – in Writing – every week.

   (3) The Strategies, Tactics, and Action Plan are all followed by the money: a transaction and Transaction Worksheet that once begun is completed at the close of a smooth, trouble-free escrow.

   Page through the Portfolio and Worksheets, if you like, if something grabs you or catches your eye, let me know. 

   You slide a duplicate oversized 45/page full-color portfolio and set of worksheets to each home owner present and though, sharing the following, patiently wait for their attention to return to you, sometimes quickly, sometimes thirty to forty-five minutes later.

   Each is a Supernova of Sales Activity made up of Bold and Enterprising Programs that move through the market like Juggernauts: unstoppable forces that crush whatever are in their path always focused on doing First Things First and on keeping The Main Thing, The Main Thing.

   The Main Thing of course is getting your count up, meaning your body count, targeted buyers that preview your property per the Secret of Success, Item #2 on the Talking Points Worksheet. Knowing exactly who your buyer will likely be (a buyer predisposed to region, area and locale) and what to expect per The 49-to-1 Rule (that you can expect to receive at least one offer that can be negotiated to success out of every fifty buyers that preview your property) is paramount to success. All programs must follow these foundation principles. You have to know where you're going to get there.

   It’s not likely we’ll cover each item on these worksheets today, but we’ll look at some of the highlights: World Outreach Marketing for example, a radiant-outreach full-participation network marketing program that skyrockets the potential for a fast sale by reaching out to what I dearly call “Rich Overseas Buyers” and “Locals with Means” per Russell Conwell's Acres of Diamonds principle of sales and marketing:

World Outreach Marketing
Has a High-End Marketing Agenda all It’s Own,
"The Extra Mile."

   And, possibly, we’ll look over my unique Sale-by-Auction program. Utilizing it it’s not uncommon for a Home Owner to put a home on the market by auction with me that has been for sale for six months, a year or even longer and then to sell it within six-to-eight weeks irrespective of the price of the home.

   With this program I give Sellers an edge on competition in the market by making their home the first one a buyer will look at if they want to buy in their area: the value-buy message inherent to selling by auction demands that. We sometimes use it for the reverse purpose: to sell for more money than the asking price.

   By executing the programs shown on these outlines – one following another until we get the results we want – we’ll draw both Buyers and Agents to your property like metal shavings to a powerful magnet or bears to honey in greater numbers than any other cookie-cutter program on the market. Did I say cookie-cutter?

   I do, however, have a Personal Agenda which underscores the Talking Points, two things I’d like to share with you prior to beginning:

Success Stories and Noble Cause
Let’s Do that Now and then Jump to Item #4 of the Talking Points,
The "It" Factor, The Price of Success, to See what the Numbers
I've Come Up with Say About That.

   After deciding on a price, we can look over the highlights of my program (1) The Secret of Success (2) Branding (3) The Money Door (4) Multilevel Advertising (5) World Outreach Marketing (6) Sale-by-Auction Marketing and anything else that grabs you or catches your eye as we talk.

Then Two-to-Four Hours from Hello / After viewing their property with great attention to detail; after establishing common ground, a similitude of interests, and building rapport; after impressing them by the multidimensional reach of your experience and knowledge; and after enthralling them with a non-stop barrage of innovative, groundbreaking programs for getting them to where they want to go defined by high-quality, full color presentation displays; you hear the sweetest words spoken by Seller to Broker or Agent in real estate, “Great program, what’s next?”

What’s next, of course, is the completion of a listing agreement with compensation established at six-to-eight percent of the sales price, because of one or more of your groundbreaking programs that require this, and a term of six-months to one-year.

And, just as predicted, you list, sell and close this property all within ninety-days yourself to earn a whopping single commission of $240,000 for just one listing and one sale.

It's an exciting scenario I have played out many hundreds of times with both Sellers of individual custom homes and estates and Builders of major new home projects. Sure enough it is "My" story but as the author I can write you in to share it with me from here out as the protagonist or hero of each adventure. It can be "Your" story too, but you also will have to do First Things First and keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing. Many great goals are not reached in real estate because Brokers and Agents just don't do this.

The Main Thing, of course, is being associated with or in a listing program that works.

How to Break-Into and Sustain Listing and Sales
Success at the Top of the Market.

Listing is Job One / Many great careers in real estate have been sidetracked by action orientations that put selling ahead of listing.

If You Would Allow Me to Lead or Mentor You, Your First Lessons are These:

(1) To build a sustainable career in real estate you must become a successful Listing Agent whether you work full-time or part-time weekends only. 

(2) You must know that a sustainable career as a Selling Agent follows listing success and never comes first. If you try to build a sustainable career in real estate working solely as a selling agent by showing property to discount oriented buyers and investors, holding open houses for other agents, and hauling internet-buyer-leads around from one neighborhood to another, one city to another or, even, one county to another sometimes for months on end until they give-in to buying (not even from you), you soon will be out of real estate.

(3) To break into the high-end you must be in an over-the-top listing program that holds a patent on proprietary structured marketing that both gains listings and is effective at marketing them once gained; that monopolizes a position within a narrowly defined target market in such a way that competition doesn’t even exist; and, that is doable without prohibitive costs or demands of time invested.

What follows is an introduction to the Real Estate Professionals’ high-end residential listing program under the banner of The Real Estate Fellowship.

The Fellowship is a team-oriented apprenticeship to a work for both Associates and Fellows, whether new or experienced, that by cause or circumstance are not in an effective listing program at this time or not working at the “Top” or high-end of the market.

"Duplicate with me, as your guide, my highly successful program for listing and selling Custom Homes, Estates and Resort-Oriented Residences in the local market (your market) with local identification. Learn an easier, more pleasurable, more efficient way of getting and doing business at the top of the market. Easy, because I have laid the groundwork, developed the programs and executed them to fulfillment six-decades running as of 2020."

We do not chase REOs, Short Sales, NODs or Loan Mods, nor do we seek discount-oriented buyers; instead we seek high quality equity-positioned sellers (listings) at the top or high-end of the market, qualified high-end buyers and quick closings.

The “Top Job” in real estate, High-End Residential Listing and Sales, is not a job I can give you, but a position you can develop for yourself hand-in-hand with me, so to speak, by your adoption and adaption of my program in the local market or wherever you want to work.

If you haven't yet gotten to where you want to go in real estate, consider letting go of means and methods that may be holding you back and, instead, walk in sync with someone walking-the-walk and talking-the-talk. What surer way to succeed can you devise than that?

Whether an independently active Broker or a Broker or Agent associated with a real estate company you can work inside the Fellowship without changing broker-association. Fellows are not required to change broker-association and sign a Broker-Associate Licensee Agreement with broker Al Lewis, the Real Estate Fellowship, or Real Estate Professionals World Enterprise Marketing, nor does membership effect a job or association at the expense of your independence, though listing and selling under the Real Estate Professionals’ banner is an open ended possibility.

It is a unique opportunity to grow your business by collaborating in a non-licensed affiliation with both (1) A broker/mentor that lists and sells at the top of the market and (2) A professional marketing company that specializes in the gaining of listings at the top of the market -- wherever located -- and the marketing of them once gained.

Synergy – the working together of two things to produce a result greater than the sum of their individual effects – is the aim of the program and the relationship. This is a program for brokers and agents that really want to succeed, that are tired of being ineffective, timid or worst yet, second best. Even if these are your experiences to date, I will lead you to the higher place you seek. I look forward to our talking and working together soon.

Start at The Top / Success, it has been said, is found on the far side of failure. You
will bypass that curve completely (1) No down time sitting through endless hours of high-cost in-office training (2) No high-cost farming (no farming) (3) No dragged out business development program (4) No buying of leads or bench ads, or magazine ads, or online profiles on Zillow or Trulia or dot.Realtor or (5) No Google Adwords, Yahoo or MSN pay-per-click advertising campaigns (6) No high-cost website or website optimization schemes and (7) No telemarketing or door-to-door 
prospecting. You will simply start at the top and stay there.

The Top Job in Real Estate / At this point you must be asking yourself how this is possible; how you can build a career in real estate listing and selling at the top of the market without doing the things everyone else does as shown above; how this can be done nearly cost free and within only thirty-days of starting.

The answers are found within a program introduction, job description and start-up pro forma titled / The Power of One: The Top Job in Real Estate.



This detailed article will define for you exactly (1) How to break-into and sustain listing and sales success at the "Top" or high-end of the market under the umbrella of The Real Estate Fellowship and as an affiliate of Real Estate Professionals World Enterprise Marketing (2) It will help you determine your fit (3) It will define for you why this program is recession-proof, free of competition and Top of The Mark.

To be in the market with an entirely new "Listing Program" for listing luxury homes, estates and resort-oriented residences within only fifteen-days, merely follow the instructions at the back; you will have the -- Top Job -- in real estate substantiated by a lifestyle exemplifying balance and an income exemplifying wealth and status.

Talent and skill you have in abundance, I can assume this, but they must be channeled to be of value in the marketplace. To soar listing and selling real estate at the top of the market you have to have a story that makes you interesting, not a run-of-the-mill franchise rubber stamp, but a standout persona that satisfies the demands of a high-end selling situation worth paying attention to. In affiliation with me and "Real Estate Professionals World Enterprise Marketing" you will have this. You are a concerto in the making, a large scale musical composition for a solo instrument accompanied by an orchestra, play your music and be recognized.

Let's Go to The Movies / I am inspired by the way both people and companies that make up the movie industry -- an industry populated by people with monumental egos, deep pockets, and enormously successful companies with international reach -- are able to cooperate for the co-financing, co-partnership and co-production of a single film.

I recently watched the co-production credits of these highly successful independent film makers cross the screen with their splash-video-logos at the beginning of a single three-hour movie: Dream Works, Imagine Entertainment, United Artists, Paramount Pictures, American Zoetrope, Blue Sky Studios, Columbia Pictures and Twentieth Century-Fox.

Then I watched as twelve different Executive Producers were listed and eighteen Associate Producers all for the same single film. Yet we, in real estate, don't have structures for even two independent Brokers from different companies to share expertise, effort and resources for the listing and sale of just one house.

Consider The Real Estate Fellowship a first for doing just that. The Fellowship is an Association of Brokers and Agents independent of each other combining expertise, effort and resources toward a common goal; it is an association and a Business for listing and selling residential real estate at the Top or High-End of the market.

Generally, individuals with a Real Estate Broker's or Agent's License, Attorneys, and real estate oriented Corporate Entities with a Licensed Officer such as Lenders, Banks, Builders and Investment Trusts may join.

Mental Equivalents / If we are to draw from Life what we want, we must first think forth what we want into Life. Life can only mirror what we think. This is called mutual-arising. In order to have success in the high-end you must first conceive it in your thought. This is not because we are creators, but because the flow of Life into experience through us can only take the form we give it.

If we want a thing we must have within ourselves the mental equivalent before we can either get it or do it if action is part of the equation as it most always is. The Real Estate Fellowship, its program, tools and structure for listing and selling at the top of the market is the image -- The Mental Equivalent or Bigger Thing -- and path that can multiply your market value and income a hundredfold; but you must act for this to happen.

We can never outgrow the limits we place on ourselves; we can only set new limits within which we must live. Poet Maya Angelou wrote, "If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities." Just think of it.

To Rise Above the Crowd, You Have to Rise Above the Crowd.
The Market is Always Good for Those at The Top.

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